I enjoy speaking on a wide range of subjects and have been doing so on many occasions since I started doing a lot of talks for the Ruby Usergroup in Hamburg in 2007.

Previous talks

This is a selection of talks I've given in the past.


  • The musical Ruby

    How to make music with pure ruby


  • My Ruby Is a Paintbrush - My Ruby Is a Synth

    Ruby for Artists


  • Hello? Yes this is synth! - Webrebels 2017

    Making Hardware better with the Web

  • Æsthetics of code - JSConf.eu 2017

  • Let Humans Human and Computers Computer - Rubyconference.by & rubyconf.lt

    A Tale of Building Useful and Effective Automations


  • Making Noise with Web Audio & Web MIDI - jsunconf 2015

    Combining Web MIDI and Web Audio to build music apps in the browser.


  • Decentralise ALL THE THINGS - eurucamp 2014

    Why decentralisation matters for the future of the web and what this means for technology, organisations and businesses. The revised and expanded version.

  • Decentralise ALL THE THINGS - jsunconf 2014

    Why decentralisation matters for the future of the web and what this means for technology, organisations and businesses. A work in progress.

  • SSL Deployment best practices - Hamburg Ruby Usergroup Feb 2014

    A short talk on how to deploy SSL/TLS for web applications properly.

  • 2013

    • Geeks and Music - DevCon TLV Feb 2013

      About geeks and music and making music in the browser

    • Livecoding Music and Graphics in the browser - CodeMotion Berlin 2013

      An introduction to my liv3c0der software and the web audio api

    • Metaphors are like knives - Scottish Ruby Conference 2013

      A talk on how interpreting metaphors too broadly can do more harm than good

    • Javascript Patterns for Contemporary Dance Music - JSConf.eu

      my very well received JSConf.eu talk about my musical livecoding tool liv3c0der.


    • Rails and the single page app - RailsWayCon 2012

      An overview of current technologies, challenges and solutions for building singe page apps on top of Rails

    • The CSS revolution. Modern ways of frontend development - RailsWayCon 2012

      Slightly updated from the codebits talk from Nov. 2011.

    • Parsing binary data in ruby. - Scottish Ruby Conference 2012

      A lightning talk at one of my favourite conferences of 2012

    • JSON - Schmason. Building Web APIs with Rails - WebTechCon 2012

      An overview of existing technology to build APIs with rails

    • Build your own web synthesizer - Codebits 2012

      How to use the Web Audio API building blocks to create virtual instruments


    • Realtime audio on ze web - HH.js Feb 2011

      One of my favourit talks, if only because I got to talk directly before Jan Lehnardt, one of my open source heroes. Also Sound. In the Browser, calculated by Javascript.

    • Ruby for artists and tinkerers - eurucamp Berlin 2011

      A very well received presentation on how to use Ruby with all kinds of hardware interfaces, thrown together on very, very short notice.

    • JavaScript Audio APIs. Let's make some noise - FrosCon 2011'

      A longer version of the HH.js presentation

    • The CSS revolution. Modern ways of frontend development - codebits 2011

      After a long time I came back to SASS and Compass, this time mixed with the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline and a rather lengthy discussion on why this matters. Codebits is such an amazing event to be part of...


    • Open Source Hardware - of makers and tinkerers - shift 2010

      What a mess. Originally I planned to attend the shift in person, but then I got stuck in the Volcano cloud. Dammit. I gave this talk via Skype, not one of my most favorite memories as a speaker.

    • MongoDB 4 real - Railswaycon 2010

      My first talk in a long row of talks on the usage of MongoDB with rails apps.

    • ten fun projects to improve your coding skills - Railswaycon 2010

      Just some ideas on how to do things beyond your horizon to keep yourself fresh

    • mongoDB on rails - Froscon 2010

      Another one on MongoDB, this time for the Froscon 2010 which had a NoSQL track.

    • mongoDB on ruby and rails - Mongo Berlin 2010

      Another one on MongoDB, this time at the official MongoDB conf in berlin.

    • mongoDB on rails - Railscamp Hamburg 2010

      Another one on MongoDB. I always changed small things, corrected errors and made sure I was up to date with the current MongoDB version.

    • Railsrumble - Railscamp Hamburg 2010

      A small preso advertising the rails rumble (which hadn't happend since then) and showing some learnings from the last two times we participated. One day later we had won the "most useful" category. Good times.


    • Show the frontend some love - Railswaycon 2009

      My second iteration on the HAML ans SASS talk, this time with a lot of stylish photos and even more content. Fun times: I had to present this in a small but super packed room - on a large plasma TV.

    • Rails vs. Facebooker - Rails Usergroup Hamburg

      A short preso on Facebooker, a cool Rails plugin to write facebook apps. Now pretty much defunkt.

    • Liebe Dein Frontend wie Dich selbst. - Railskonferenz 2009

      The german version of the Railswaycon talk, slightly enhanced, if I remember correctly


    • Merb. Rails in anders. Rails Usergroup Hamburg

      Remember when Merb was all the rage?

    • HAML und SASS (und Compass)

      My first talk in a long row of talks on HAML, SASS and Compass which was a really, really new project


    • Rails I18n - Railskonferenz 2007

      My first real conference speaking engagement at my favourite (and sadly discontinued) rails conference. Tried the 1 word per slide thing and ended up with a whopping 213 slides.

    • Rails erweitern - Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung

      Our dear friends at the best tech books store in Hamburg invited Ramon and me to do a talk on Rails. We just had our book done, so it was a nice chance to promote it