After reading @adactio’s great post on indie web building blocks, I wanted to do something. I started by adding a few rel=”me”’s to the page and then I stumbled over some weird styling issues (a time tag that I declared as display:block globally for some reason) and one thing lead to another and suddenly I found myself in this weird downward spiral of yak shaving (or sharpening the yak shaving scissors. Well, actually I had to wetten the sharpening stone first but there was a hole in the bucket. Long story.)

You see, I had this very old compass gem in there, called eleven40 (based on the early responsive css grid of the same name which is no longer supported) and working with it kinda became somewhat of a pain.

So I ditched everything (well, almost everything) and started from scratch with a minimal grid system called susy. It’s pretty cool, but also pretty minimal and it’s been a long time since I built something like a full layout from scratch. I’m sort of a zurb foundation guy, but that would have been overkill for my little blog.

To not let this redesign die a long, horrible death like my last one, I’m going to do this one out in the open. So far I’ve managed to get the basic grid back into place and I fixed the biggest problems in terms of readability. Of course it now looks a bit like the little brother of Naked CSS Day, but this is, at this point, intentional.

I kind of like the minimal look this has right now. Let’s see how far I can get with it.

And yes, this is the second post with this headline. The first one is from 2011.