So, finally, about at least two months after my original schedule, I started selling my book.

The Single Page App Jumpstart

It’s been a tough decision. Not because I didn’t think the book was ready (I always planned to release it as soon as I thought it had enough material to be interesting to people), but because I, after Hendrik asked me if I knew Leanpub, basically threw 20-30 hours of work into the gutter and went for them instead of building the book on my own.

I did know Leanpub, of course. I even checked it out back in the days. But somehow I ended up trying to do all of this stuff on my own. Which was, as I see it now, a bad decision. From now on, every minute I invest into this project will be about the text and the example code and not about how to fix some weird code highlighter bug in Apple iBooks.

So, thanks Hendrik, for poking me in exactly the right moment (After I spent a full weekend on readying my own infrastructure and publishing chain).

It took me another day or so to convert the whole book to the slightly different markdown dialect Leanpub uses. Their publishing workflow is just insanely simple and brilliant - Thank you Peter and Scott for this great great platform.

And now I advise you to Buy The Book!