And then, I made it. I flew, for real, using an airplane, I attended a hackday and I came back, all in time and without any complications.

So. What did I hack on? I decided earlier on that it was about time to heave my “remote” stockholm hackday project to the next level – Webloop. I wrote some stuff about it already in January

Webloop screenshot

The changelog in short form reads like this:

  • Multiple “Rooms” as a way do have more than one sequence. Please note that I follow a “chatroom” metaphor here.
  • Output via Mozilla Audio Data API (usable with current FF 4 nightlies), Google Web Audio API (usable with a special build) of Webkit or Chrome. (And, as a fallback, I left in the flash applet I used in january).
  • Four Tracks/Voices. This is to match the original Gameboy Advance nanoloop and is, unfortunately, slightly more than a current Firefox 4 nightly can handle on my MacbookPro. I will try to optimize that even more, because my goal really is to have it running on a decent PC in ANY html5 audio capable browser.

I hope to be able to squeeze in some more optimizations during the next weeks (If I find the time, including some bug fixes, which are obviously needed).

What I also hope to extract throughout the next weeks is the soundbridge library I developed which allows to develop applications and leverage direct audio APIs if present and fall back to flash if needed. It provides a uniform callback based API and should allow for some fun web synthesizer goodness.

You can take a look at the code at github and of course, use it.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one hacking stuff. There are already quite a few roundups of the hacks, so take a look at the complete list, Paul Lameres take, The wired article and also the twitter search gives some good results.

To sum it all up nicely: Huge shoutout to Dave Haynes, The Guardian, The Hub london and the whole music hackday team for once again kicking some serious arse. I’ll be back. (Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Barcelona, as much as I would like to).