Wow, this is one underutilized blog.

After upgrading it to the latest security level, I’d thought I’d use the time to share the link to my latest presos. This time it’s a german version of my HAML/SASS talk. I’ll add the english version from RailsWayCon for the english readers’ pleasure:

Here’s the english version:

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I kinda blew my chance at the Railskonferenz with my rather mediocre Keynote. Since it is not a linear, slide based presentation (at least I got some points for innovative presentation, I hope), I’m not able to share it easily. But since it is “just” HTML, you are nevertheless able to check it out: git clone it, and open preso.html in a Webkit browser (technically, it should work on any modern browser, but since I ran it in Plainview and optimized it in Safari, well, there ya go).

Now, after a long vacation and the Railskonferenz, I’ll be happy to start “normal” work on monday, starting off a brand new, very interesting project. And next weekend will be my debut with the cool acceleration sensor stuff that Alex and me are preparing for the Lichtklangnacht in Rostock. Wish me luck, lotta work to be done until next weekend. More stuff on that @