It’s been a while since I posted here. Not that nothing interesting happened in my life, but not everything is worth reporting I guess. But here’s some random bits and pieces that I gathered during the last few weeks:

  • Hrmpf. Wanted to try out god as a sane replacement for insane monit configs, but that is not about to happen: On all target systems I tried, installing the gem fails while trying to build the extension. I’m not exactly a linux kernel hacker, so I reported this to the GoogleGroup as a first step. A very similar error seems to have bitten the god guys before, so I’m pretty confident there might be something like a simple solution.

  • I’ll be teaching at a university. Yay! It’s just three days in February during a hardcore 2 weeks “agile webdevelopment” workshop from Carsten Bormann (of IETF fame) at the University of Bremen, but it’s a start of something I’d really like to explore some more. I’m curious as hell how this will turn out. Oh, and it’s a lot of work to do, too.

  • I’m also exploring various new fields: I’m currently trying to get the hang on programming the Nintendo DS platform (using the excellent devKitPro toolchain). My current plan is to write some kind of realtime music sequencer, based on the ideas of the excellent Nanoloop (I just got me a 2.2 cartridge, can’t wait for the 2.3 version, too). Other ideas include some kind of Marble Madness revival using the absolutely fabulous NDSMotion card, as soon as I really get into all that jazz and find some time to spend on the C compiler (might need some ARM assembler to, does anyone know a good book on the subject matter?)

  • The last thing is that I really want to start some hardware projects in Summer. I really want to do some MIDI controller stuff, probably similar to the great Monome. If anyone knows anyone with experience in the field of silicone based keyboard pad prototyping, lemme know. My current idea for the thing is to base it on the Arduino controller board, because it is easy to program and the boards are relatively cheap. I really would like to find out if driving a 8×8 or 16×16 matrix of leds and buttons is possible with that controller and if it is possible to drive it via software, too. The real inspiration must be the Tenori-On though. I really would like to buy some more music hardware (especially with sick controller possibilities) but the Tenori-On really rawks that category. So if you have a spare one, feel free to send it to me, haha.