…and we are only slowly getting back to real live.

The rumble itself was a blast. I still find it astounding what you can achieve with a great team of experts, great tools and enough caffeine. Nothing you should do on a daily basis (I’m actually more one of the “8 hours a day should be enough” guys), but a friggin’ great experience.

Of course: a big thank you to “my” team: Karsten, Florian and Wolfgang, you all did an amazing job.

So, what’s next?

You all are cordially invited to go to soundbadge.net and try out our little App. And don’t forget to register as a voter and vote for us from wednesday on. Because you all want a photo of us, wearing the belt, right?

To get an Idea on what soundbadge.net is:

P.S.: In the following days, I’ll try to highlight a few of our implementation details, especially from the no-so-railsy-parts, like the sound engine. And, we’ll try to cover some specifics of our development process, what worked for us and what didn’t.