…is wrong on so many levels, it hurts. Apart from the fact that the sentence is somewhat questionable, Tookie Williams changed from a bad, mean gang leader to a peace inducing father figure. In Jail, that is.

The strange persistence of the death penalty in a country that claims to be the morale authority of the whole world is a mystery as such. Sometimes I like to think that they keep the death penalty “just because”. The bad guy in me thinks that they need to keep it because otherwise the prisons would be even more crammed than they already are (The last number I had were 4 Million Inmates in the whole USA, thats a one digit percentage of the whole american male population).

But this specific execution of a man who was a mayor force in trying to keep the peace in the LA ghettos was not only an inhumane act , but also a mayor stupidity. I am pretty sure that South Central will be getting some riots today. Watch the press. Tookie definitly was more helpful beeing alive than dead. This is a feature seldom worn by death row inmates, so much for sure.

The bad guy in me hopes for riots to teach this Schwarzenegger Monkey and his stupid friends once and for all that violence induces violence. The good guy in me hopes that no innocent people are harmed.